Event dispatcher don´t want reach actor

GutenTag together,
I want to fire an event on click as widget through an event dispatcher to an actor, unfortunatelly I cannot reach this actor.
binding to the level BP is possible and to another actor but not to this one…

Can someone please explain me why this is not possible?

Should be possible,but the HUD has to exist when the binding takes place.

Are you getting errors about ‘none’ when you quit?

I don’t see how your hud variable can be setup beforehand.

HUD is added to viewport… it is also not possible to call a function of this actor, maybe this is helpful.

thank you

So you can set it with a GetActorOfClass :slight_smile:

ThankYou, is done. it wasn´t already GetActorOfClass but it help me already:)

I had to receiver the Dispatcher through the lvl BP and then sent to the actor.
although it should be possible to sent it directly to the actor, but i´m still learning this stuff. it is hard do it by my own without a teacher, but with your help i made a big step forward.

meanwhile i accidently changed the BP class and killed my whole blueprint but i learned during the rebuild, that sometimes it is needed to change the variable to editable and expose on spawn.

unfortunately this way doesn´t work with a the HUD (widgetBP), i´m not able to set the default value of this varianble to HUD.