Event Disp. will not trigger with child component

I have made 2 blueprint actors, an elevatorBP and a controlPanelBP. When player approaches the controlPanel it enables input which then calls an event disp. Inside the elevatorBP i assigned the event disp. but I cant get the elevator to receive the call due to a cast to controlpanelBP failing. I have put the control panel as a child actor onto the elevator BP and want that particular child panel to control its parent elevator. How can I make that work?

Also no using level blueprints or matinee, I want to work solely through proper blueprint communication . Thanks!

Hi there, you actually cast the ChildActorComponent to your PanelBP. (That is what the warning message tries to tell you)

If you use ChildActorComponent → GetChildActor → Cast to your PanelBP it should work :slight_smile:

hth :slight_smile: Marooney