Event Chain unclear/not working

You are using the function, it doesnt do anything by itself. You need to use Event Shooting for that interface, and make sure you are feeding those bools in your player BP by using that function node.

Hey guys

I’m trying to implement some shooting mechanic, and so I made an event on my gun blueprint which gets the inputs from the player blueprint to find out if he’s shooting or not. This is a workaround so I can use delay ( which are not functioning inside a function ).


The event clearly gets triggered but the Shooting function never returns something to here

Why so?
Thx for your help

I’m doing that here.

But the function gives nothing back.

You need to receive an event (based on some kind of defined input in your project settings.) From this event input you would link your internal “Shooting” function. When that gets invoked you can execute the function body.

You should probably watch the intro to blueprints tutorials on the youtube channel.