Event BPUnstasis and Event Begin Play for wild dinos does not fire after server restart

Hi as per the title, I have modified some dinos and have some code in a graph for event begin play and bpunstasis.

All works ok on a fresh wipe of a server. But when I then stop and re-start the server and the event no longer fire for existing dinos, but will work for fresh spawns in game.

So I am stuck, I don’t know why they stop working for existing dinos after as server restart. Any clues on how to make the code keep working after a restart?

Is there a check box for Use BPUnstasis in the Character_BP? Also, Event Begin Play might only be used when the AI Controller is created, not removed from stasis. I feel like I’ve seen some events with “Is From Save” (or something) booleans being run through them. You might need something like that for this.