Event binding doesn't work as expected

Hey there,

I’m having a main menu (widget) with different buttons. I’ve created a main menu level where this widget is being added to viewport. And everytime, a button is pressed on this widget, it calls an event that I have binded with a dispatcher. Everything works so far, it is being called, but the actions after the call aren’t working properly.

Example: If the player clicks on “Extras”, the camera is moving into another room. For that I used the SetActorLocationAndRotation function. But if that is called with the dispatcher, the camera only moves a few centimetres and then stops immediately.

If I’m using the tick event and check if one of the buttons from the widget is called, all the functions are working. But I really don’t like using the tick event, because it brings a lot more problems with it.

Does somebody have an idea of what is going on here?
Thanks in advance