event begin play not working

I have a c++ project and have most of my stuff in c++ but doing my UI stuff in blueprint cause its easier it seems. The stuff i have in c++ is running fine from on begin play but the blue print version does not run at all…

.h Begin Play


	virtual void BeginPlay() override;

.cpp Begin Play

void AOddaronCharacter::BeginPlay()
	// Call the base class  

	GetWorld()->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(_UseTraceTimer, this, &AOddaronCharacter::TraceUseObjects, 0.1f, false);


everything i found for this issue says that the Super::BeginPlay() must be missing but in my case its not. Im finding with 4.13 or hell even earlier releases are having issues with documentation being severely out of date. Replication documentation and a few others i have found dont work and i have to find user tutorials with newer engine releases to figure out what they changed. What am i doing wrong here?

Your final parameter in SetTimer is false, which means it will fire once and never loop.

Thats fine, the begin play doesnt work at all in blueprints for some reason is the issue.

dont know what i did but now it is working… thanks.