"Event Begin Play" not firing

So I’m following a tutorial, and everything is peachy untill I have to use event begin play, then it doesn’t tick off when I start the level. Also, I can’t figure out how to see the nodes firing, probably operator error there. I’ve figured out an easy way to solve it for now by having a tick even turn itself off, so it’s working for now.

The nodes should visually show the path when playing when they do work - you could try setting a breakpoint on the BeginPlay node and see if that triggers (Right Click on the node, near the bottom of the menu and choose Add breakpoint) If the BeginPlay is working, it should stop at the node like in the picture… Are you using the Play button from the graph, or the Play button from the level editor? From the Level Editor is what I usually use.


Seems like I may have been a doofus or something, the problem has been resolved.