Event Begin Play in Always Loaded Streaming Level


I have an actor which uses Event Begin Play in its BP. It works perfectly well if placed in Persistent Level but in Streaming Levels it works only if their streaming method is set to “Blueprint” - I enter Level Streaming Volume and then the event starts. If streaming method is set to Always Loaded then Event Begin Play starts only if Level Streaming Volume is visited second time. Probably because exiting it for the first time unloads the level. But is it correct behaviour? Shouldn’t the event start with the beginning of the Persistent Level if it’s always loaded?

I am having this issue as well in 4.15. I am using Use Client Side Streaming with volumes in the world settings, only on the second time and beyond are the BeginPlay and Tick functions called. Is this intended behavior Epic?

Hey CyberblastSoft,

Would you mind providing me with some more information regarding your setup? If you have a set of steps I can follow to reproduce this in 4.15 that’d be great.

I just created an always loaded sublevel, and on its begin play I printed a string, and it seemed to work fine. It’s possible I’m overlooking a few things though so I’d like to see how you’ve set it up on your end.


I apologize that I have not gotten back to you! We are using the setting in the world settings for Use Client Side Streaming Volumes. And we are also using the Always Loaded setting on each of the streaming levels. Once the Client steps into the volume the first time, all of the actors and the level blueprint of the streaming level do not get their beginplays called. This only happens the first time. Evey other time, they it works just fine.

Sorry for the delay. I believe the issue you’re running into is something that I logged the other day: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-43879)

Note that the ticket refers to Tick, but it also has been confirmed with BeginPlay as well.

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I am also starting to see this happening - it seems that if I use my Level BP to call a custom event after the streaming map has been loaded it works I have been using this as a work-around but a lot of my BPs have problems with event begin play - with streaming levels as well guessing this is some kind of bug then?

Hello Sean,

I was wondering if any solution has been discovered to this yet. I have been having trouble with both tick and begin play for a while. Is there an expectation to when this might be resolved? Sorry if my question is ridiculous.


Please refer to the link posted above to the public tracker. It will be updated as soon as a fix is available.

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