Event Begin Play does not fire when joining a LAN game with 5 players

Hello All!

I’ve been stuck with a weird bug and I just have no idea how to fix it… Bug Description 5 computers are connected to the same LAN

  1. One computer creates a game as a Listen Server
  2. It loads the map, gets a pawn and all actors receive the BeginPlay events
  3. The other 4 computers find the session and join the game right away
  4. The first 2 computers to join have no problems.
  5. The last 2 computers to join are “stuck” just after loading the level. There is no BeginPlay called on any actors. No actors in the map receive the BeginPlay event.

More information:

  • The spawn actor works fine (no BeginPlay but it’s spawned on the “stuck clients”)
  • The replication works fine (You can see actors moving on the “stuck clients”)
  • Doesn’t appear when the game is created in PIE and the 4 other computers are Standalone
  • We are using Advanced Session Plugin to join


  • When I open the console and I write “ke” or “te” (any 2 letter strings), BeginPlay is triggered on the 2 clients
  • If I call the node “Cancel Async Loading” on the GameMode, BeginPlay is triggered
  • Removing all assets from the map -> Joining an empty map
  • Playing at only 4
  • Sometimes, waiting for +/- 30-60” fixes the problem

Do nothing:

  • Removing all plugins


  • Any net.* command I could use?
  • Any Project settings I could change?
  • Any session modifications I could try?
  • Any way to “repair” an UE4 project?
  • We are using a lot of “cast” in our BP and we do have circular references. Is it a problem?
  • We have a lot of redirectors, might be that?
  • Any way to know more about the problem?
  • What is the node “Cancel Async Loading” actually doing?

I’ve been stuck on that bug for a week right now… Any insight would be much appreciated!

More information:

[2020.02.19-09.27.28:829][348]LogStreaming: Display: Suspending async loading (1)
[2020.02.19-09.27.28:839][348]LogStreaming: Display: Resuming async loading (0)

Seems to also fix the problem

Can I trigger that by BP?

Ty all

Ok, I found a workaround!

I’m using and abusing of Collect Garbage and it’s working for now…