Event Begin Play / Custom Event Not working in UE5 BP actor

HI people
I cant get the event begin play to do anything in a actor BP i have tried plugin the print string into the begin play still nothing, i would expect it would print the string at the start of play?
in the Pic i was expecting the print string to fire when the Bool is set but no.
I’m no blueprint expert but I’m pretty shore I have done this in the past.

really I’m having trouble with custom events as well, i can only get them to work in the player PB not in any actor BP, also am also having trouble with the Player PB talking to the Actor BP.
i crated a variable and set the refence to the actor BP, then i got the Bool so i can set a branch in the player BP, But Nothing, and i just get a bunch of errors,

See Pick

You bool is false, so nothing works…

yes the problem was all me . I was using a Begin Plays… , and I didn’t set the custom event when i hit the trigger box lol

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Still cant get the Bool reference of a bool to control a Branch from a Actor BP to the Player BP, what i wish to do is. when the player hits the Actor BP, I want to change the controls to a mouse point click movement. the movement part is ok, but i cant get the bool to talk over 2 different BPs.
i have a variable reference of the actor BP in the player PB, but when i plug the reference in the a bran, it compiles OK, but there’s no refence

any Ideas?

showing the blueprint may help find an answer

Put the bool only in the player, then do this

Lifesaver, to good. works a wonders. I was trying to set the bool in the actor BP then finding a refence in the player BP,

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