Event '..Begin Overlap..' and run 2 functions

When the player enters the Area (On Component Being Overlap) then run function_1 (and set Variable=True).
After that, if player enters again in the Area, I would like to run function_2 (becouse of Variable=TRue).
How could I do it properly?


Thanks, but I have the same solution for now (please look at my image) - but it doesn’t want to work :confused:
The Variable is always ‘False’ - it seems it doesnt receive the value=true inside the Function_1 and run Function_2


How are you setting Variable?

I often found myself in the position when I needed to do something once, and then do something else repeatedly. So instead of using bool variables and having lots of variables that are used only once, I made a macro I called Half Gate:

You can recreate it if you often need this type of behavior. You can reset the macro whenever you want, and you can set the number of initial actions.

In your particular case, if you only need to perform the first and the second action once, a MultiGate may help you:

But if you need the first action once and the second multiple times, my marco will do the trick just fine.

It seems there is a problem with uploading my picture…
I’m uploiding it again here.
I’m setting the Variable in different BP (character player) inside its function_1 and want to send it to different BP (wall_BP).
But it seems the different BP doesnt read the Variable (point 4 on picture).

From the cast, get the “IsTest” variable from the character and connect it to the branch.

Yes… this is probably the solution.

But something like this is ok? Becouse it seems ok

Not really.

But I still don’t understand one thing: do you have “IsTest” both in the wall and in the character BP?

Thanks for the picture above - it works now.

And yes - I have ‘IsTest’ in both BP -Wall and Character. I know its nonsense but I was looking for any solution. Probably now I can delete ‘IsTest’ in Wall_BP

I’m setting Variable in different blueprint (Character plyaer) - in its function_1.
And seems first BP (Wall_BP) doesnt read it.
You should see evthg on picture (now you should see it, becose there was a problem with uploading it earlier).

Can be any problems with communications beetwen blueprints?

Becouse I have 2 Blueprints:

  1. Wall_BP
  2. ThirsPersonCharacter_BP

Im setting Variable in the second one (in its function_1), and want to send it to Wall_BP, but the it seems Wall_BP doesn’t read it or so…

If IsTest variable is in the character, then:

Just like @EvilCleric is showing. You need to get the value of IsTest from your character. The one you have plugged in is a variable from your wall blueprint and it’s always false because you never set it. Two different variables in two different blueprints, they have the same name and that’s probably confusing you.
Why not remove player from this all together? Let the wall handle all of that when it has too.

Here’s how I would do it for your setup.

And here’s how I would do it. Just have the functions inside the wall itself and call them when needed. You don’t really need the cast, unless there might be different characters hitting the wall, then leave it.

@EvilCleric, hope you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, thanks for help. I will choose some sollution.
In the future I would like some AI hitting the wall :slight_smile: