Event any damage not working.

Hey guys, so I’ve spend quite a while trying to get a projectile to destroy an enemy pawn based on damage but I’m stuck on getting the enemy pawn to receive the damage.
Here’s the blue print for the projectile:


And here’s the blueprint for the enemy that should be accepting the damage:


The projectile seems to be working. I’ve used breakpoints on every part of it and it all works perfectly.
But when I add a break point to “event any damage” it never goes off. I’m not sure why? Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I really appreciate any help.

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I ended up figuring it out. I had to set the collision preset to “Pawn”

I have this same problem, but setting the collision preset didn’t help no matter what I changed it to.

And it’s doing damage. Damage amount is not 0

I realise this is an old post but for anyone wondering, you might need to make sure your Blueprint has “Can be Damaged” checked in your class defaults details panel.

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thank for saving my life

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I’m actually so mad that worked. I’ve been tearing my hair out for 7 hours trying to figure this out, and its just a collision preset. Coding is so finicky.