Event Any Damage not firing off (damage is not 0)

I know the usual reason for the event not firing is the damage being 0, but I made sure it wasn’t by printing it on screen. I’ve also checked that the pawn can be damaged. If anyone can spot the problem, I’ll be really glad.

When you print the name of the Hit Actor - what does it say?

Alright, that helped. I found the issue. Other than fixing some of the code, I think the main issue came from the collision preset. Thank you for the help!

It says either floor or wall etc, so I’m gonna guess the ray goes right through the actor without seeing it. How do I fix that?

2 things to check here:

  • start & end locations - ensure they make sense (perhaps they do not originate where you think they do); enable the debug drawing on that node to visualise the trace
  • ensure that whatever you wish to hit is blocking the correct channel - here, you’re tracing against visibility; that hit actor should be blocking that

It would be easier to figure it out once you enable the debug, you’ll see red beams with red / green hit markers. You can extend their duration on the trace node.