Event After some period of time

Hey guys,

I know how to make events after triggers or key pressed but i don’t know how to do some events after some period of time.

For example:

I want to do that after level started and 10 seconds after it, some object is going to dissapear but it doesnt work :frowning:
I can do it via key pressed but when changing blueprints for this event it doesnt work.

Or maybe i have to make some invisible counter which starts with level and then make events which will start after some time,

for example;

counter hit 10 seconds - play matinee2
counter hit 20 seconds - object dissapear

PS. I’m trying to do this for VR

Do someone know how to do it?

best regards,

Try it like this:


There is also a similar node for calling functions.
And there is a delay node, too.

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Thank you man! You are awesome, its working :slight_smile:


Thanks Everynone even 5 years later on Unreal Engine 5 you helped me!