Event ActorOnClicked and Event HitBoxClicked need to be clicked twice after click event re-enabled

Hello Epic,

I have this problem since using 4.11 from a project i made from 4.10:

In this project I want to show color selections on an actor (a window frame).
I made this on first person template.

Press spacebar: show mouse cursor to begin select an object / actor:

And then, the window frame clicked, HUD draw color box together with its hitbox would appears. (Here I’m using Interface Events)
Here’s my actor BP:

And here’s my HUD:

Here I didn’t do the whole process. (to change the material color, of course you need another long nodes. I just represent them as Print String just to get a confirmation that this would work).

At first run, this worked well.
I hit Spacebar, clicked the actor, a HUD rectangle appeared, clicked the HUD and the string text appeared as intended. Then I hit Spacebar one more time to close the HUD. This is okay.

But, if I do this again, I don’t get the same result.
First, the HUD rectangle need to be clicked TWICE to get the string text appears
Second, if I missed clicked the actor, then clicked it right, it needs to be clicked TWICE too. (more like double-clicking I guess)

I have no problem with this in version 4.10.

Is there any option to control this in 4.11 ?

Or did I do the blueprints wrong?

Also I tried to mess around with Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode in Project Settings.
Tried them all, still no luck.

I need the lightmass portal in 4.11, I tested it and surely build light faster than not using it.

This is cool!! … anndd… until I had this problem.
Please help. :,(

Thank you in advance.

I have the same problem as you and I can’t figure out why. This problem only happens in 4.11 and I didn’t change any of the blueprints related to mouse clicking events. If it’s not a bug, I don’t see where the problem is since the code is the same.