Event ActorBeginOverlap not triggering when "Other Actor" == True

I am very new to using UE4 and I have tried searching everywhere for a solution to this, and I’m guessing it is something very simple.

I am creating a game similar to Agario where the Player Pawn (a ball) rolls around the screen and collects Actors (smaller ‘food’ balls) that are raining from the sky and grows as it eats them. I have successfully triggered the Event ActorBeginOverlap when it executes directly to my growth function. However, I need to specify the specific object that it overlaps because later I will build other actors that will overlap and not cause the growth function to execute. I have built a branch and == actor exactly as in the UE4 online documentation. What am I missing?

To summarize, the attached blueprint is not working. When I take out the reference to the other actor and the branch, and execute directly to the “Set Actor Scale 3D” it works as intended, but this will not work later down the road as I need to distinguish overlaps with different types of actors. Thanks for any help you can provide!