Event ActorBeginCursorOver only activating with click!


As the title says, for some reason the Event ActorBeginCursorOver is only activating after I left click and I have no idea why! I’ve tested it out in a new/empty project and it works fine there.

I have mouse over events enabled on my player controller, is there anything else I might be missing?
I would provide screenshots but I have no idea where in my project/blueprints the issue may be coming from.

My final aim is to be able to mouse over objects in the level and have a UI widget pop up from the side with extra details pulled from variables in the object.


Figured it out by luck! When messing around with the widget, it failed to create on a test run and then for some reason i’m still a bit foggy the ActorBeginCursorOver event began working as intended. I guess the widget canvas was somehow blocking any mouse over input so I changed the visibility to self hit test invisible and it worked fine!