Event Actor Begin Overlap Wont work on Character

So I have Event Actor Begin Overlap event and then I cast to AI_Character so the AI character can overlap my player and cause damage, but nothing happening. When the character overlaps the AI it works though, and causes damage with the sword. Do I have to put a separate collision box over the AI characters hand or something, or maybe use a different event call?

Are you casting on overlap?

Yes I am casting to an AI Character after the Event Actor Begin Overlap event.

Also, post a screen shot of your collision settings for each Actor. Make sure both produce events “On Overlap”

post a screen shot of your code

The system won’t let me post screen shots, I don’t know why they aren’t showing up…

The ThirdPersonCharacter works fine, but not the AICharacter.

No need to panic, they got auto moderated and i just approved them

lol thanks I saw that they needed to be approved, but already posted that comment lol

So I have Generate Overlap Events checked, is that what you guys mean I should have checked?

So, in these pictures you’ve put up here, you’re basically doing two things:

  1. The AI will get damage if the TPC swings the sword and overlaps

  2. The TPC will get damage if the AI walks into it ( as far as I can tell )

Is that what you want to have happen?

Yes, that is correct. But the number 2, the TPC Doesn’t Get damage when the AI walks into it. I’m thinking of adding a collider to the AI’s hand and have that collider deal damage to the TPC? Maybe that will work, but I still don’t understand why the TPC isn’t taking damage when the AI walks into it…

Use collision on Sword and cast to player

Not sure, because I can’t see the exact collision settings. But maybe the two things “collide” and thus never overlap, because they are blocked by each other. In that case you’d be able to get hit events, but no overlap events. So if you’re still stuck, you could try checking this.

okay I added in a weapon for the AI character with a collider on the weapon and attached it to the AI character. Here is what I have now, but it still doesn’t work, no collision takes place, I am trying to add a ragdoll effect to the ThirdPersonCharacter so when it is hit by the AI character it does a ragdoll effect. This only seems to work for the AI character being hit by the ThirdPersonCharacter (Does a ragdoll effect)


Okay I finally got it, I think my EnemyHealth was set wrong, I had it set differently then in the AI character, I matched it up and now it works!

The Sword is working, when I cast to player, so would I do the same basically for AI_Weapon but cast to AI_Character after that?