Event Actor Begin Overlap Function Problem

I have class objects that rotate around with a matinee. When these objects collide with the player, the player should get destroyed and respawns at a checkpoint. The problem is, the player gets destroyed when two objects collide with each other (not touching the player). Is there is a simple way to make the player die only when the player hits the objects and not when two objects collide with each other.


I got the same trouble : You have to do a branch and compare the other actor node with player pawn for condition.

Hi JueJueBean,

If I understand correctly, you can fine tune these settings under the component section after you convert the object to an actor blueprint.

As this is an event, i think he would better use the basic preset node created for that use.

I did this to solve my problem:

Happy to see that it is solved. And you can use the false output too if you want, to activate lights, electrical particles or hum what you want ^^

Hi Fen,

My mistake I thought this could be corrected via drop down settings in the component editor. I learned something else in this thread, thanks.