Event Actor Begin Cursor Over not working with Instanced static Meshes


The problem is basically the one stated in the title. If I create an instance of a static mesh using InstancedStaticMesh Component in an actor, the Event Actor Begin Cursor Over node is only launched when hovering the mouse over the base StaticMesh component of the actor, but when hovering over a StaticMesh Instance the BP does nothing.
Anyone knows a solution to this problem?

Nobody stumbled on this problem?

did you set your blueprint like this (or like : a box as root only and no other mesh) ?

With this set, on event actor begin cursor over linked to a print string, i have hello on each element.

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I add instances during gameplay not prior to gameplay. Also, I have the InstancedStaticMeshComponent created in the blueprint components list itself, not in the construction script (shouldn’t make any difference, should it?). Does it mean that the functionality of static mesh instances doesn’t fully support real-time usage yet?

I just did a try with my maze system which is instanced on begin play and i have “hello” too on instances.
About the creation in the list itself, i don’t understand what you mean. Do you have meshes added in blueprint more than the ones added by add instance ? If yes it may be your issue as instanced mesh is supposed to work only alone in bp. To be sure : in your bp you would have only your “add instance system” in event graph and nothing more than functions and nothing in component tab except a box to have an origin (but that you can supress too i suppose, i just use it to have a visible point ^^).

That would certainly complicate things…
The blueprint, in which I have my instancing function, is actually a movable AI bot which adds new instances of static meshes upon certain events in game. I understand I would be better-off if I simply added StaticMesh components insted of instancing?

If you have more than only the add instance in your blueprint, yes you’ll have easier way with add mesh as add instance is supposed not working if it is not alone in blueprint. You’ll may want to spawnactor too if you have some interest in.

It is supposed to be a self-growing actor, so I will simply add StaticMesh Components. Do you know how heavy it might be performance-wise in comparison to adding instances? If I e.g. created about 100 of these components, would it affect the performance considerably?

I have no idea. Best way would be to compare with a copy/duplicate modified i suppose.

Edit : But may be you can do two bp with 1) your AI communicating to 2) your instance adder blueprint when / where add instance too.

I will try that if the StaticMesh component method fails to work properly.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: