Even with no input, left and right mouse button rotate spring arm?

Having a real strange issue here that I’ve bashing my head on all day. I have a spring arm with child camera, parented to a player pawn. Even with ZERO right mouse button input nodes in any of my blueprints, all “pawn control rotation” and similar options disabled, and went through all “set input mode” options. Dragging and moving the mouse with the left or right mouse button pressed will rotate the spring arm and camera no matter what. I feel like this is probably a simple issue where I’m missing a hidden checkbox somewhere but no luck so far. Anyone experience this issue?

Are you using the default Pawn for this?

Screenshot 2020-11-24 095336.jpg

Nope. Using a standard, empty pawn.

Probably depends on the actor you are using as character and what it is derived from / as well as if you project was cpp or BP when created, as the cpp variant would (obviously) have Cpp code to handle movement - but can also have BP code.