Even though I set rotation manually based on the heading direction of a vector it still inherits rotation artifacts from VR Motion Controllers

Hello. I have a problem wherein my actor is inheriting the rotation of my motion controllers when I release the object from my grip.

My goal is to basically force the object to inherit the velocity’s rotation so it’s always facing that direction because by default when you toss the object it rotates based on whatever direction / rotation the controller is facing / going.

Here is my script that adjusts rotation when it’s released and is considered a “Balanced” object (Like a throwing knife would be)

This is the interact / pickup script:

Here is my release script:

Here are my object settings:

(Yes I do use the Hit Event I just figured it is too small to show, it’s literally just Hit → Set collided to True)

I have a few videos to demonstrate the issues as well.

  • In this following clip, I show in slow motion the physical rotation issue
  • In this one I show the visual issue:
  • Here’s an example of it in regular use.

So the main issue at the moment is that when you flick your wrist as you let go it inherits any rotational information and that appears to translate into its physical properties where it’ll either rotate around the scene randomly or will have a tilt when tossed as seen in some of the example clips.

Any help would be appreciated and if I left out any important information please let me know.