Evaluating UE4 - Package size & broken FBX?


I’m in the process of evaluating UE4 for a mobile game. The dev process (C++ & Visual Studio) is very compelling, however I’m struggling with what seems to be basics.

  • First, an empty package (with just about zero assets) produces a 60mb APK for Android. I’ve seen a number of forum and answerhub threads with approaches to reducing the final APK size, mostly wrangling the engine assets making it into the pak files, but I’d rather like to know when UE4 will have a fully size optimized build for Android right out of the box? In other words - I want to focus on optimizing my game content, not wrestle an engine, to get my final build down a reasonable size.

Can anyone on the UE4 team give some estimate as to when this will be addressed?

  • Secondly - I downloaded a high-poly FBX from turbosquid ( to test in UE4. It previews fine on desktop, and the windows build runs fine as well. However, running the build on Android produces a horribly corrupted model. Hoping someone on the UE4 team could help shed some insight here. See below (the model was added to the map twice – same result if added once). I don’t know if it’s a high-poly count issue, or if something in the model’s construction doesn’t jive well with the engine, or what. For what it’s worth: it renders just fine when added to a Unity scene on Android.


Thanks -