Evaluating server performance beyond ping

Despite 20ms pings, I’m finding it way too jerky to play on the local Sydney ModHUB server.

I don’t think it’s the server as there’s no way the other players would tolerate this, and they usually have 1.5-3 times the pings. I often play locally against up to 12 bots with no issues @ 120 fps.

It has to be something else. No other downloads going. No other processes taking good CPU time - essentially every process is 0% except UT and Idle. No virus program.

Hop on a 300ms American server - sure it’s laggy but I have a much better experience.

So it’s killing the online experience for me. Someone’s in front of me, then they vanish, then I’m dead.

Any suggestions of what I could further look at to diagnose this?

Machine: i5 4670k, 32GB, GTX770. 20Mbps down/0.8Mbps up, all UT settings low @ 1280x720.