Evaluating Animation Curve doesn't update in Simulation Mode

For some reason in some Animation Blueprints curve values are not updated in simulation mode but stay constant (take take value from 0 frame).

Unfortunately I failed to reproduce this in blank project.

This bug also appears in 4.14.
Weird happened - when I spotted this bug first in 4.13 I converted with clone my project to 4.14 - and there it was fine, but when I converted without clone the bug was still there.

Hi Gomo,

Were you trying with Epic’s content in a blank project or migrating your content? If not, can you migrate your content to a blank project and reproduce?

If not, could you send me your 4.13 project? You can PM me a download link on the forums?

After some changes it started to work, although values in ABP still are not updated (but they work).