Evaluating a team

Hello all - this is not an invitation to bid or an advertisement of any sort of services. I have been contacted by a team of UE4 professionals for my project and I’d like to get an unbiased view on whether their fee quote is market. The studio says they are cutting-edge game developers, etc. Their demo reel is quite good but of course there are always nuances.

Anyhow. The project is a 40-90 seconds “trailer” of a proposed (but not yet existing) animated feature film/game. The studio wants to build it principally in UE4 but in “higher quality” than a usual game environment. There are about 12 scenes and about 6-7 principal characters, and a few secondary characters. There are about 6 environments: nature (plain), nature (mountains), dungeon room (interior), village settlement (period-specific), city (19th century Europe) - exterior, and royal palace (interior).

All assets are hyper-realistic but with a touch of fiction. The focus is on characters which need to be top-notch, and on interiors. I attach a mug shot of a character (unrelated) and of a scene that would suit the standard.

How much would it realistically cost? Assume there are many rounds for each piece of work (ie they redo it ‘til it’s perfect’), and the work is full cycle (sound, postproduction, etc etc).

Thanks ton for any input.