EVA 12 (with subtitles)


Greetings @alerender !

Thank you for sharing another hilarious Eva adventure with us! I love the comic relief and the relationship between Rob and Eva! LOL! :joy: Your sets are always nicely built and your camera work, splendid!

For those of us not fluent in Spanish, I thank you so much for the subtitles!

Happy New Year! :champagne:

Thank you!!! I’m glad you like it! I translated this chapter using the ChatGPT AI. It’s great!! I’ll be translating the previous ones. Have a good year too!!

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Awesome! You’re the first person that I’ve come across that has used Chat GPT. Did you copy and paste your script en Español and then send a command to translate it to English? Have you used Chat GPT in any other ways? If so, what are some examples?

Yes, you just need to type : Translate to (language) the following text " …"
Whatever you come up with for a text, you just have to write it and it will be done.