Euthrall - An open world survival sandbox rpg

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Euthrall (pronounced Er-th-wall) is a a Sandobx survival high fantasy RPG, set in a large open world with many interesting features that will set it apart from the flock of survival games out there. Taking inspiration from many RPG’s and Survival games from the likes of Everquest, Minecraft, Rust, and many more. Euthrall: A New Life Awaits sets out to give freedom to the player while still maintaining the atmosphere of a story driven. [/CENTER]

Key features:

  • Skill based gameplay both in combat and leveling system.
  • A large open living world.
  • Advance AI that makes the NPC’s of this world feel alive.
  • A interactive crafting system based on you skill level. You won’t be sitting there watching a loading bar as you wait for your item!
  • Endless gameplay. There is no endgame persay as the world is always dynamicly changing around you.
  • Dynamic NPC quest system based on the NPC needs. Yes some may be fetch quests but the npc will actualy use what they sent you for.
  • Player built towns with two systems for building. System 1 is a modular system based on floor walls and cieling (think Rust). The other is a specific build arkitype used to set NPC’s Jobs (Think War Craft RTS).
  • Random Dungeons based on key words you learn through special events in the world for even more endless play.
  • A unique magic system based on some good books I’ve read. Expect magic to cost you more then mana.
  • Multiplayer both LAN and dedicated servers. Servers will control all skill stats so cheating is reduced.
  • If I can figure it out I would love to support modders.
  • Other features yet to be anounced

The above list of features may change be removed or added to. This is really just to give you an idea of what I am trying to accomplish.

Latest Weekly Dev VLog:

Dev Vlogs are posted every Monday (unless something comes up)

Q: Who are Tiny Bed Studios and how many games have you developed?
A: Tiny Bed Studios is the name of my development company. Euthrall will be the first game produced under the company name.

Q: If this is your first game does your Tiny Bed Studios have any experience in game making?
A: I’ve dabbled in coding here and there, producing a text adventure game linkHere, and a space invader clone for a game making class in collage.

Q: How many people are on your team?
A: Just me for now, though once I get some funding I want to expand the team. I need a 3D artists and an Animator.

Q: If your doing everything by yourself won’t the work be kinda messy specially if your not proficient with all that goes into game making.
A: Aye, it could be a bit messy. But my work flow is different from other dev’s and it helps me keep my mind focused. There is a lot more to making a 3D open world game then I expected and I’d be the first to admit that I have no clue half the time of what I’m doing. But the fun thing about working on your own and not for another company is that I can make those mistakes learn from them and be better for it. An example is saving user settings so that anytime after the first time you launch the game the settings will stay the same. It took me several tries but I finally have it and now I know more for when it comes to saving other things.

Q: When do you think this project will be completed?
A: I have no clue, I do have a soft deadline of a year in my head but that is most likely underestimating how long it takes to make a game and how long it will take me to learn and come up with some systems. The biggest time taker is getting all the art assets made. If I had an Artiest on board I can spend more time coding.

Q: If I have anymore questions about this project how can I contact you?
A: You can leave a post on this thread, or if you want to contact me privately you can send me a PM through this forum, or you can e-mail me at, You can also contact me on twitter @ZinthTBS

Road Map:

I swear I won’t do this for every accomplishment I make but seeing as this is the first time saving to file and getting the info and dealing with graphics I thought I would share this. I finally got my graphics options menu done and fully functioning and from what I can tell Bug free.

Options Screen.png

Now to move on to the game play tab as the sound and networking can wait until I got sound and more networking to test it on.

Also since I’m here I might as well share a cool little time waster thing I did that I tweeted but seeing as I have 3 followers last time I check this may get it more views. Twitter Pic Anyways that was made from the new Pluto images coming out of NASA I just imported one of the black and white pics into the landscape tool and got that. I had Fun :slight_smile:

I did some of the best art work I’ve every done while waiting at a car dealership for are recall part to be replaced. Thought I would share them so you guys can start to get some visuals of the game.

Keep in mind I suck at drawing and the art side of things.

Hi there!
You said in your video you would get to it later, but what kind of art style will you be going for?
I’m interested to see how your project willprogress.

Hi AzeraSeren745. I’ve been going back on forth in my mind between a more Anime art style or a more Pixar animation art style. My biggest problem is I suck at art so I’ll probably end up with place holders that I make myself until I get funds to hire artists. From conception though I knew I wanted to take a more cartoon approach to the visuals. Textures especially are important to this as they need to be bright and vibrant.

Here is cool pic that sorta sets how I want the feel of the world to look:


Zinth keep going at it! Don’t let the silence on these forums fool you :wink:

Keep it up buddy.


Hey man, this looks like a really fun and cool project! If you nail the art in the same style as the concept, it’s gonna look really cool! That concept is from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by the way, which has fantastic art style :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support Plorax and Stavaas. I’ll be the first to admit I have no real clue what I’m doing, but I’m trying and learning and hopefully one day this project will be complete. I’ve learned as long as I’m patient and take my time I can pass any problems in my way as far as coding goes. Art is another matter, but hopefully if I get most of the code done with place holder art I can find some way to outsource my art needs.

I can make some art assets for thi project if you like. The only thing I can’t do is rig models but props and environmental stuff I’m happy to help with

Today’s Dev Vlog is up sorry its late, had issues with it.