Europolis Street Scene with download link

Hey guys, I recently completed a street scene based on some Longest Journey concept art.

Here’s the concept: 1d45a25fc82b9c13142661f90ad2adf604b392d1.jpeg

Here’s a screencap of the actual scene: df605257155d873f923f1c175ab1b67287629d5f.jpeg

A video:

And a download link to the playable level:!oBVlEYgA!FehtsW3OMIICUNHhp1EYfMLpSOh0bosJ_BuPUFpv8-M
Alternative Download Link:

This is pretty much just a single street that you can walk a little ways down. It’s my first scene in UE4 but I’m pretty pleased with it.

I’m actually working on a much larger scene set in the same city that has multiple blocks. I’m 45-50% done with it but I’ll probably post images of that in the WIP section as I get more work done.

Anyway, tell me what you think, cheers!

EDIT: Download links are down because they’re giving virus warnings. I’m uploading to a few different sites now.

Download link back up!

that looks good:), the only small thing that looks a little odd to me is the ripples from the rain, they seem a bit slow.

dudddeeee this is amazing, well done, and yeh would love to see updates

Looks really cool. I like the amount of custom stuff.

Looks cool but it gave me a virus warning so I didn’t download it.

You’re the second person to tell me that. I think it has to do with the stupid surveys that gamefront makes you take now so I’m gonna try and find a better host.

Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

Try Mega. I’ve had no problems with it so far.

Your scene looks great! I would just reduce some of the motion blur, it seems a little bit to much for me.

Very impressive. Keep us updated!

Absolutely gorgeous! I had trouble believing that was real time and in-engine until I saw the video.

Hi Samifira

Can you please host the links on other sites and please take down the links from these sites. I downloaded from media fire link and had Trojan virus.


Hella nice!

Sure thing, I’m gonna try and see if Dropbox will work okay. If you can think of any other hosting sites that’d be great. Thanks!

Thanks for understanding. Because of virus removal frustration forgot to comment on your work its simply awesome :). I think you can host through

5 starts for you… ty for sharing this will help me alot to understand UE4

Fantastic work!

I cant download it, Mega showed me a decryption error at 99%

Really cool, the art looks like Shadowrun and the level really looks very good. The flying cars are a nice touch.

Yep same. I got a decryption error also.

Is there an alternative download link?


error on decryption ,I tried to repair the zip no luck :frowning:

Awesome work, looks very cool!

Please fix the download link.