European Developers

Hello there!

I’m a 17 year old developer and i am looking for some people that would be interested in making a game with me. I know some 3D Modeling and also blueprints in UE4. I have some great ideas about a game so if anyone wants to make it with me let me know. You can contact me on steam or discord. Just to inform everyone who wants to work for money, this isn’t a thread for you. If the game works out and we do manage to get the game on steam i will share the amount we get. I’m mostly looking for someone who knows 3D Modeling & Terrain Creation, but knowledge of C++ & Blueprints comes handy too.
We would communicate in English since it is the only language i know besides Slovenian.

Like i said, if you are interested contact me on steam (preferably steam) or discord putting info down below.