EUPHORIA Engine integration in UE4

For the UNREAL ENGINE 4, was initially listed as an integrated partner NaturalMotion with MORPHEME and EUPHORIA, now only MORPHEME. When will EUPHORIA happen? - What general and in particular for smaller developers who can not rely on motion capture, an essential enrichment.

In addition EUPHORIA is up to the games from Rockstar, almost no presence in the gaming industry and would find in combination with the UNREAL ENGINE 4 a much wider distribution and thus enable ambitious games for small developers in the first place.

Been a while since I used it but last time I look Euphoria was now a part of Morpheme and no longer a separate product.

@Anadin - thanks for your comment.
On the side of NaturalMotion only an indication of MORPHEME is integrated into the UE4 - not the new, combined version (MORPHEME with EUPHORIA). The same applies to the lists of integrated partner in the UNREAL ENGINE 4.


You can always email their sales team for any questions you have about their integration into UE4.

Since this would be a third-party plugin they would have the most accurate information for you regarding their software integration with UE4.


@Tim - ok, thank you.


Unfortunately, I get no response from NATURALMOTION, on my request. I therefore ask the question to UNREALENGINE.COM - because you have listed here on the UE4 page before NATURALMOTION as an integral partner with EUPHORIA (& MORPHEME), but now only MORPHEME. Internally with you, the reason should really be known.

Hoping for a positive response, I thank you in advance!

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Corner them into a response by posting publicly on their twitter -

Hi The_Inquisitive,

Give it some time for them to contact you back would be my best suggestion at the moment. In my experience some companies can take a little bit to get back to you.

As for Morpheme and Euphoria I do not have access to these tools. I’m sure there are devs here at Epic that would have access, but even so I don’t think a lot could be said about their tech with the engine. You would still need to go through proper channels and wait for a reply from Natural Motion regarding their integration into UE4. The Integrated Partners Program (IPP) are companies who we help get their tech working with the engine and offer support to their team, and in return they help us by answering questions for our custom licensees regarding their tech specifically.

I know that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but they are the ones to answer your questions regarding their integration.


@Tim - ok, thanks very much.

@Tgirgis - thanks, we’ll see.

Just as fair warning, I’m under the impression that it’s not priced for indie/small developers but if you do get a response let me know. I’ve been very interested in it for some time but I have strong doubts about it’s future under Zynga which is now under the leadership of Don Mattrick. You might be familiar with that name, its the guy who single handedly outraged his entire consumer base when he was at Xbox and created a PR nightmare for Microsoft, so needless to say, he doesn’t seem to be very in-touch with customers, so I don’t expect him to identify or care about the growing indie market.

In addition, even if if I could afford it, there would still be a big concern about it’s availability and support in the near future. My expectations - Either Zynga will sink (and NaturalMotion along with it) or they will survive just barely and eventually stop licensing NaturalMotion in a desperate attempt to gain some sort of proprietary advantage in the market, which is really as nonsensical as it sounds, but that seems to be the way they make decisions at Zynga. I might just be pessimistic, but fact is Zynga, and more specifically Mattrick, are constantly making strange decisions. In fact the entire Acquisition of NaturalMotion by Zynga was just totally bizarre in the first place.

Just saying… that Zynga buying CSR Racing, My Horse AND Clumsy Ninja seems completely up Zynga’s alley. Those games are/have made a lot of money.

I had very much hoped, that now is affordable also and especially for small developers, because of the initially announced corporate partnership with EPIC, EUPHORIA because of the potential “masses” -Dissemination by and with the UNREAL ENGINE 4.

Understand / share your concerns about the acquisition by ZYNGA and the restructuring of the now well it follows - which is why I probably still get no response from NATURALMOTION because change existing corporate structures. Also the XBOXONE disaster with Don Mattrick is not lost on me. I / we will have to wait for good or evil what is happening now and it follows.

It would be nice if they would turn EPIC here to provide clarity. Because the interest in EUPHORA should be very large for all users of the UE4 and both companies could benefit massively.

The games were for sure worth acquiring, but I always thought it was bizarre because that they didn’t just buy the game IPs or even the entire games department, but rather, acquired the entire company for a whopping $527M. As far as I know, NaturalMotion’s core business was still its DMS/animation middleware at the time of it’s acquisition, so to me the move would be like a game company buying Epic Games just to acquire the Unreal Tournament series, and then tossing UE4 on the back-burner. If anything, Zynga could have bought the entire company and then sold off the middleware department (they could still have kept their own personal version of Euphoria for proprietary uses without having to re-license for new games if they sold it off). If we were talking about a very big company making a very small buyout (that didn’t require a whopping 15% layoff) I would have understood the decision.

Alternatively, if they put more effort into the middle-ware, I would be say it’s not really a related product, but it makes money so I see why they’re keeping it. Unfortunately, if they wanted to put effort into it, they would have identified the growing size of the indie developer market, not to mention realized the benefits of going with a SaaS model. Just for the record btw, I don’t hate Zynga or anything, I just can’t for the life of me understand what they’re planning to do for the future, and it stinks that if they go down, NatMo goes down with them =(

Either way, your right though, those games do make a ton of money haha

Hey guys, I am technical sales director at NM, please feel free to e-mail me direct @ I will gladly answer your questions direct. Thanks for your interest in Morpheme and Euphoria. We can and do work with smaller dev teams. Thanks

Oh there we go! Maybe they will push it as an actual product then!

That’s what im hoping. I’m in touch with the lovely Felix now.

I’ll let yous know how it goes.

Wish me luck!

For the record, Natural Motion were very responsive and helpful, specifically Felix (Above)

Definitely worth considering but be prepared for the costing.

I personally can’t afford Euphoria, though was delighted at how accessible and helpful they were considering.

A bit late on the thread

I remember once David of Wolfire games posted this on their blog. Here is the link Why we are not using Euphoria - Wolfire Games Blog
It has the reply from NM. It said, “Euphoria is currently not available to the public, we only have deals with a very limited amount of publishers and quite frankly I assume it would be much too expensive for what you are doing, sorry.”

It is an old post though don’t know how much have changed since. And yeah Giant bomb page says NM charges at least six figures for their services.

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hay una forma de implementar ese programa a unreal engine