EULA based on Epic's template. Mandatory reading before playing mobile game?


I placed EULA based on the Epic’s template into my game. User can access it by pressing “EULA” button in the game’s main menu. In the beginning of EULA I added a string that template lacks: “By playing Glasswinged Ascension you automatically agree with the terms described below.”.

I’m not sure this is 100% correct way to represent EULA in general, but I’ve never seen a mobile game that forces user to read agreement before playing. I never distributed a game by myself before, so I need to know what is correct way to represent EULA in my case.

In case if the details matter, I want to add that it will be a free demo version of my game, not the full one, yet. Target platform is Android only for now.

Hey there, I moved your thread to General Discussion since it’s not Android specific and you are also more likely to get a response here for your legal question.