EULA and Project files on Github

Hello Epic-Team

Here some questions about EULA.

  1. Is it against the EULA if I put a project of mine onto github to manage my project? It would be public because I like to share the code of my game so other people can use/participate if they want. I don’t want to put the UE4 Engine code. Only the code I have in my Unreal Projects folder and what I created.
  2. How about the Template contents provided by UE4. Is that allowed to put onto github too?

Thx for your help.

You’re not permitted to put any of the Unreal Engine code or projects in GitHub in a way that’s accessible by the public. You can put it in Epic’s UnrealEngine GitHub network which is available only to licensees.

As for your own code apart from Epic’s code/content, you can host that where you like.

Ok, but it’s the code I wrote? So I am not allowed to put that public? Does that means my Source Code belongs to Epic Games?

You are free to make the code you wrote open to the public; the restrictions I’m talking about are for Epic code/content.

Ok, then I am more confused now. I was writing that I like to put my Source Code not the Engine Code of UE4 to github ■■■■■. Let’s say created a project using a super blank project. I start filling stuff, wrote Source Code, made Contents, used BP. Everything in my personal project folder. Is that allowed to put onti github public?

Just wanna make sure. Let’s assume I created a project using blank project. After that I add Source Code, Content used BP etc.
Those stuff are in my Project folder. That is allowed to be public right? I mean not against EULA.

You are correct (assuming you’re talking about your own source code and content).

Thx a lot :smiley:

I’m sorry, I think I missed this when originally posted. Your proposal is fine so long as the Content is original (not Marketplace) and it’s your code (not the engine code). It sounds like that’s what you’re proposing.