Ethereal Legends (Indie Action RPG)

Thanks for checking out Ethereal Legends!

Ethereal Legends is an indie action RPG developed by Soverance Studios, a tiny team of two in Atlanta, GA. Together my friend and I have been working on the Ethereal project for nearly a year now, and we’re really excited to see it finally coming together. We were Greenlit on Steam back in August 2015, and we recently received approval to release the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Today I put together a new trailer, as we’re getting closer to a proper beta version! I hope you enjoy watching it!

Now that this thread exists, I’ll be coming back to posts new screenshots, gifs, videos, and information on a regular basis. We hope you’ll follow our development and give us your feedback!

Main website:

Studio website:


Our store page went up on Steam today!


Beta test invites for Steam users are going out now, and you can request access by visiting this URL:

I’d love your feedback on what I’m building!

I released Beta Version 0.8.4 on Steam today, and any Beta testers with access can go download it now. 0.8.4 includes the Shop feature, as well as numerous bug fixes and improvements. More information can be found on my website at the following link:

Beta Version 0.8.5 is out today to celebrate Halloween! I was feeling festive and added this silly hat, the Horseman’s Head!

The 0.8.5 update includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, and more info can be found on my website:

Looks pretty cool!

This looks really cool, I will be keeping an eye on it!.

Some cool systems on display here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments!

If any of you are interested, much of the underlying code for this game I’ve made open-source under the Apache 2.0 license, which you can find on github. There certainly are some good systems in there many would find useful!

Feel free to use and modify it as you please, and I will totally accept valid PRs for anyone with something to contribute!

I released a large update today for Ethereal, Beta Update Version 0.8.6!

Current beta testers can download the update now via the Steam client.

View the update notes on my website:

awesome!! Looks great! xd

This weekend’s Ethereal update is Version 0.8.7, and includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. The update is now available for all Beta testers via Steam. It’s mostly just polish to what is already there, which should hopefully make for a better gameplay experience. See for the full update notes!

Updated to version 0.8.8 today, while unlocks a new realm for beta testers to play through, introduces a handful of new enemies, and makes a lot of balancing adjustments and bug fixes! Find more info on my website:

Ethereal Legends was a recent winner of Taco Bell’s Feed the Beta program!

I’m super excited to accept the prize, and in honor of the occasion, I’ve made and released an entirely new trailer! Check it out below!

More information on Taco Bell’s Feed the Beta program can be found on their website:

Also, I released a couple version updates (0.8.9 and 0.9) since the last time I posted in this thread, so FYI, you can better keep up with changes on the game’s version history page.