Eternity Benchmark

Eternity Benchmark is a high end benchmarking program I put together using a visual prototype I made a few months ago. I am releasing this for free to anyone interested! This benchmark is pretty straight forward, it offers a very large open valley and gives you the ability to fly through the entire area freely. It also includes a simple camera flythrough of the environment. Some may remember this from a video I put out a few months ago, it is mostly the same environment with a few minor changes. This is mostly built for higher end PCs but definitely interested in hearing what kind of performance people with different hardware get on the map.

If this proves popular at all I am definitely interested in improving upon this and adding new features or increasing the visual bar considerably, so any feedback is definitely welcome :slight_smile:

Website/Download Link:






Looks impressive man! Thank you! on my 970/i7 4790k I was mainly in the 45-60 when on the ground, but being fair I did dip into the 30’s in spots with a lot of trees and grass. Q.Q
Still though, it’s a shame it’s only a Benchmark. I could totally see this in an actual game. ^.^It was pretty well designed.

This is awesome.

This has the potential to become a FarCry game of sorts, or maybe a medieval type of game. Those tracks could be used for tanks.

Those tracks would work so well in a mud racing game as well.

Rather impressive, thanks for sharing.

fyi - AMD6950 2GB, PhenonII 940 3Ghz, 6GB gives avg. fps 13 on flyby

How did you accomplish the fog with distance? I am trying to add something similar to my water so that the player can only see a few feet in front of them. You didn’t use exponential height fog did you?

Glad people seem to like it :slight_smile: Very interested in hearing what kind of performance different people are getting on different hardware. It will help a lot in knowing how far I push the current game I’m working on.

  • The fog I’m using can be found in the cave effects demo. It is done using a flat plane mesh with a material that adds the distance fade and scrolling fog effect, this is used in combination with both the atmospheric and exponential fog.

Witcher 3 has much better graphics with better performance than here.

Your going to complain about something released for free? The Witcher 3 was made by a lot of developers over several years time on a mult-million dollar budget and costs $60. I put this together by myself over about a 2-3 month period and released it 100% for free. A few quick notes regarding this benchmark. I did not shoot for low or even medium quality, I only shot for high quality, that includes several features that will cripple most mid to low end PCs such as real time global illumination and pushing render distances for most objects that would be retarded on an actual game.

On top of all of these things this was as mentioned a visual prototype. The finished version looksa heck of a lot better, has about 5X more detail and performs a lot better but I am not ready to show that yet.

Great way to beta test level optimization without having a million dollar budget.

great work you did here and if iam not mistaken this only cost about 512 MB of RAM so thats really something as for VG RAM it cost me 1.5 GB so its very good for this high level of graphic but my problem is i only can run it in 720p i can’t change it to 1080P , hope you give me a way to do that , and i i just subscribed to your channel in youtube i am looking to see some great stuff from you in the future .

it run smooth in my GTX 770 2GB about 25-50 FPS flying and near the ground .

Could you compile on for linux? I’d really love to compare Linux and Windows version for my system o.o

Linux probably will have less frames, when epic will implement Vlukan Linux finally will stand a chance in gaming industry.

Show me, where? Foliage in Witcher 3 looks awful, and here looks half-decent plus Witcher is poorly optimized for PC and Unreal Engine 4 is PC-first

The guys from the Witcher 3 used a pretty good technique for their foliage -> they somehow managed to create pretty good looking vegetation (the small ones like grass, flowers,…) **without **any shadows. This improves the performance of the game. :slight_smile:

@ Looks awesome!!

Buttery smooth. Getting 55-75fps @ 1080p.

Hey Ben,

I remember the previous video you posted about this valley and it was a beautiful work :smiley:

I’ve run the bench on my workstation at work to see the results. Well it is mediocre but that doesn’t matter, it was just to fulfill my curiosity.

The least I can say is that it is very practical for bench-marking high gaming rig, not low - mid class pc’s or workstation. It’s a lovely piece of work, once again :slight_smile:

CPU1 : Xeon E5-2603 v2 (1.8 Ghz, quadcore)
CPU2 : Xeon E5-2603 v2 (1.8 Ghz, quadcore)
RAM : 16 GB DDR3 @ 1333 Mhz
GPU : NVidia Quadro K2000 2 GB GDDR5 (1920x1200)

FPS : 8

THX for sharing!

Amazing! Stupendous! And that’s me saying this when it is only running at 5fps!

Yes this is very much for higher end hardware for sure :slight_smile: Glad you liked it!

Glad to hear people are still finding some use in this as well :slight_smile: