Eternal beginner has problems with metahuman

So, i’ve got Hanna, she’s nice she looks good.

i’ve watched some tutorials on youtube to make a playable character, took me like 4h.
At the end, the torso seems to have his own animation BP as well, so yeah, quite complicated … if you have a better option, i’ll take it.

After all of this, i decided to try this iclone trial, so i’ve imported the UE character into iclone (as it’s retarget for metahuman) and i’ve made a little animation.
Obviously i had to set 2 animations BP as well (common body AND torso, still don’t know why) and now… the ■■■■ head isn’t following!

As i said, eternel beginner, or noob whatever, but how can i set one animation BP for an entire metahuman body? Right now it drives me crazy and i will certainly not pay a total reallusion bundle just to have 3-4 nice npc because i’m still on the “learning/make a prototype/and eventually one day” stage

So yeah, if you have a little miracle for me, i’ll take it