ETC2 Wrong Manifest with 4.14.1

ETC2 format was working fine with 4.14.

But it loos like, in 4.14.1 someone decided to support 10712 devices with ETC2.

But there are already 11214 devices that Unreal Engine does support, totally!


When uploading ETC2 packages to  Play Store, it shows that 10712 devices were removed as supported devices and 332 remain. 

Of course 332 should remain, do you expect ETC2 format to support all devices in the market?

New buggy manifest is this:

This configuration blocks ETC1 format downloads at all. Every device with ETC1 format will choose ETC2 format with this manifest. This is a serious bug, 13% of our users’ devices are using ETC1, and if I update the game with this version, the game can crash or show black textures at all of them.

Also, opengl version is changed too. It was 2.0+ but after updating to 4.14.1, it writes 3.0+ in the Play Store page. Doesn’t ETC2 support OpenGL 2.0? In my project, OpenGL 3.0 was not enabled but after uploading to the store, it says apk needs open gl 3.0+ but it doesn’t exist in the package.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention however, the ETC2 issue described in UE-39120 was found to be an issue relating to new code adding required extensions in the AndroidManifest.xml file. If you look on the bug report itself, there is an AnswerHub relating back to the original post where it was discovered.

Are you stating that if you package in ETC1, some devices will not be able to download the game from the Play Store, or will the textures simply not work on some devices?

Do you have an example to provide?


Many Android devices no longer supported in 4.14 - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums



[UE-39839][1] has been entered for the issue where ETC2 and PVRTC selects ES3.0 as a minimum when packaging in Multi. This bug should also cover your ‘all’ case properly as well.

Thank you!

Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39839)

Hi ,

Thanks for fixing this in very short time.

Texture formats in the manifest are also wrong. Will this commit fix this issue too? Here, only ETC2 is selected:

In the changelist where this fix was made, I did not see any specifications of ETC2 texture compression formats in the AndroidManifest.xml. Once this fix is released, please let us know if you happen to see otherwise.


this is not fixed in 18.2