ETA on plugins on the marketplace?

I am interested on a couple of plugins being developed for eu4 and i would like to buy them on the marketplace… ETA on when plugins will be available please?
(I know there are a couple of plugins available at the MP, substance and maybe kinect- but those are free…) i am interested on Dungeon Architect and Vicodynamics, and I know they have been submitted a while ago…

Yes i m intrested to :3 they are ready to advance :3 i think epic has this on the list :3 So dont worry its coming!

You can submit plugins now, there’s a longer process to vet them though. Probably still working out the kinks with those other plugins.

I sent the marketplace team an email a week ago asking about this, and here was my response:

Hi all! We’re working with a large number of code plugin providers to bring their plugins onto the Marketplace. I’ve been working on bringing more onboard steadily since August, and we have an engineer now assigned to build, review, and test the plugins we’re receiving so we can prepare them for release. I don’t have an exact ETA, but we’re near the finish line to start getting them published, and you’ll start seeing them soon.

In the meantime, we are still accepting submissions, so head over to the Publishing Portal ( and submit your plugins for review! :slight_smile: