ETA on Android IAP?

This is more of a request than anything else. In app purchases are the number one way to make money on mobile, and by not having them you are losing a lot of potential developers (I am using a competing engine for mobile because of this). I would also suggest you add this to the Trello page somewhere for people to vote on if you are not already working on it. The last time I heard anything about this, it was something like 5 months ago when IAPs were added to iOS in 4.3!! We’re almost to 4.7! Where’s the Android love?

I would also recommend:

  • Adding tutorials to the wiki regarding IAP
  • Adding support for permanent upgrades - the ability to restore is necessary for this
  • Improving the documentation regarding IAP, it is very hard to find. There is no actual documentation, the only way to find it is by searching the API and Blueprint API for it.

I second this. Cloud save games implementation would also be nice.

I thought its one of the features of 4.7?

Howdy everyone,

I have just checked on this feature being implemented and, according to this forum thread, it seems as though In App Purchases should be available for use on Android in the 4.8 release build of UE4. I am unsure as to when this release will be made public as 4.7 has yet be released, but I will be sure to keep you posted if I hear anything.

You can also follow this forum thread for any additional details: Restoring in-app purchases in Blueprint - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks and have a great day!