ETA on 187 Dev Kit?

Howdy everyone,

Just wanted to check in and see if we could get an ETA on the 187 Dev Kit update? I see 187 is out for Ark, but not the Dev Kit.

  • Sinari

Hmm the best is: ARK Dev Kit update on Steam i start the download and instant finish downloaded 0KB/0KB xDDDD

Yeah, I saw that too lol.

Pretty sure that was the update they had mentioned in the v186 thread. It dropped last night though.

The one I saw in steam was 0.0MB that had happened while I was afk. I don’t see a version increase in the Dev Kit, nor new binaries on github.

Exact same thing happened to me as well, wasn’t the v187 update. Really hope they release it soon though.

I know they have to work out all those minor, new patch bugs 1st… but yes, hopefully they release it soon. I have a server thats so happy with the mods i’ve done that they are hanging on and bearing through a couple of incompatability glitches.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

It’s going to be pretty hard to maintain mods and compatibility in this EA stage.

I was just thinking: if it takes the devs say 2 days to release the 187 devkit… then any servers out there running… which have new items/dinos… will either have to stay offline until the mods are updated. Or… will effectively break the game (new items/dinos will vanish at best, or crash the server at worst).

So unless the mods are purely modifying vanilla settings or are maps… I don’t see how any real mod work is viable outside of testing/learning.

The mod I’m working on has new blueprints, and modifies a lot of vanilla settings… so I’m thinking is it better to just not release the mod at all… or advise players/servers to shut down their worlds until the mod is certified as compatible with the latest release?

My mod is working on the server… mostly. The crossbow has changed the properties of stone arrows so those don’t work in the game right now. Everything else though is still fine actually. They just can’t use the new items. The new dino’s are spawning though, even though they are not in the game data settings. So that’s a plus XD.

that’s the server if you want to try it out

New dinos are spawning? Good to know… I was dreading having to rebuild the core mod blueprints with every major patch. Going to fire up the editor now and get back into it now :slight_smile:

I’m crossing my fingers the next devkit will expose a lot more configuration… especially starting and level up stats… then I will be hooked on this game for a long time to come!

My thoughts exactly right now. Between this, a few other random factors, and the uploader STILL giving me issues; I’m getting really tired of dealing with all these constant setbacks, headaches, and frustrations. I understand we are technically kind of testing things at this point, but this is really killing my creative mojo. I spend at LEAST 75% of my time “modding”, actually NOT modding, and really just troubleshooting or getting info on bugs for the Dev’s.

If Wildcard is overwhelmed right now, you guys should consider hiring some more staff. You are making more than enough to hire some more people from the math I’ve done. I think we’ve been quite patient through all the problems thus far, but I think its time I spoke my mind on the lack of timely updates coming out for the Dev Kit (making modding pretty pointless currently due to reasons Jason stated, and more), which I’m just assuming is due to lack of enough staff/employee’s at this point (feel free to correct me).

I’m not mad at all, matter of fact I love what you guys/gals are doing, but my frustration level (and I’m SUPER stubborn, you can ask MrPwndabear) right now is too **** high with modding for a number of reasons that have little to do with modding itself :stuck_out_tongue:

They are hiring, just look at their studio homepage.

They can’t simpy upload their current build everytime they release an update (and they are doing them VERY FREQUENTLY), they have to sperate out all of their “work in progress” items. The last thing they want is a new item to pop up in a mod and be something they are working on.

I wouldnt want someone modding my game to be releasing my content and trying to take credit for it.

I doubt we will ever get a Dev Kit updated before the game client. This is standard for Modding. Most games take weeks or even MONTHS to get the tools to update their mods when new game versions are released.

Honestly, we got the last one after 2 days, which was great. I doubt they can keep that up for long though.

Then why release the potential to mod? If they are making their own content (the modders) and you (the Dev’s) made the mistake of not announcing yours ahead of time via patch notes, then why is it a bad look on the modder for trying to add new content into the game via tools that we’re meant to do exactly that?

Releasing the ability to mod to a game’s community is usually done to help expand game content quickly via the community (they aka modders can do things the way they want, and devs are left free to do their own plan).

@Mustang I agree, 2 days is fair. I guess really the big problem is the fact that as modders, our content which may or may not be tailored for PVP, quickly becomes unusable on Dedicated Servers due to version mismatch/connectivity issues. Which if our content is tailored towards PVP, then…well you can see, it can be problematic. I’m not a Dev, so I don’t know what exactly they could potentially do to help address this issue, but I would assume they might have a few tricks up their sleeves to potentially fix this issue.

One suggested possible solution would be to pack updates into one big update a week at a regular time, and stick to hotfixes the rest of the time for stuff that needs a hotfix bad. That way then there isn’t so many changes being made throughout a short period of time, and it might be easier for them to manage to keep the Dev Kit/mods working with Dedicated Servers for longer. Meaning only one or two days a week where dedicated servers are out dated. Just throwing an idea out there I’ve been thinking about. It may not be viable at all, but hey, it’s a suggestion.

One update so far actually had the Dev kit ahead of the live game, however as of late they have been pushing changes specifically for mod developers so that may be hanging things up. Maybe a dev can/will address it in this next update.

Looks like 187 is out.

A heart-felt thank you to whomever is working on Sunday to keep the rabble at bay!

Cheers guys. I see it’s out :smiley:

PS: I hope you guys (Wildcard) know posts like this are by no means us demanding anything. We just like to have ETA’s as you know. Communication is king.