ETA for when Answer Hub goes live again


I have been trying to access unreal answer hub for the last few days. I just wanted to check if there was an ETA for when the hub will be back online?



Sorry to bump this, but just wanted to check if there was any indication of when answers hub will be back up again?

There is one answer/question that I am desperate to get access to.

Thank you,

I wish we would get some kind of update.

Sadly none :frowning: I have tried reaching out to @Amanda.Schade and unreal on Twitter but no success.

Don’t want to sound to harsh but it has been a week. Epic Games is a multibillion dollar company. The fact that they can’t get answer hub working is a complete embarrassment.

Anyone for a quick Epic Quiz? Answers on a postcard… :smiley:
We know Epic really care about Answer-Hub because:

a. AH update thread is already closed/forgotten

b. Zak reveals what Epic really thinks about AH

c. Working on Star Wars is just so boring vs AH…

d. It’ll be back online real soonjust like the Wikis:stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait! Why don’t they set up an offline version? When they do maintenance, we don’t even have read access anymore, and it’s a shame when we know the wealth of information…
I hope it will come back soon :slight_smile:

Answer hub seems to be back online :smiley: thank you Unreal