Estimating costs of a Unreal Engine MOBA game project


I am starting a game project (with Unreal Engine) and I need some guidance to do it properly. I am not sure if this is the right subforum, please move the post if neccessary.

Goal and Challenges

A college and I want to develop and release a MOBA game developed in Unreal Engine (UE). I have solid C++ skills, but moderate skills in game development (game design, 3D asset creation, etc). I am amateur with UE. My friend is mostly a narrative-creator, but he has solid skills with Unity and is starting with UE. We really think the MOBA game we are designing can be really funny and get some kind of success, but, since the time is limited (working full-time as an engineer) we do not consider we can develop the game within a reasonable time, and we are only two (and he is starting with UE).

This is why we would like to obtain some financing through kickstarter or similar platforms, to be able to create a small team working full-time (while my college and I work as hard as possible in our free time). I would be pleased if you can guide me to find how many people, time and money can be needed to develop a game like this. In order to estimate properly, I will describe the game briefly.

The Game

How I said, it is a MOBA. A known example is League of Legend. The player starts the game, selects and configures the character, and queue ir order to looking for a team. Then, the game starts. Players are in a 3v3 Player vs Player death match arena in a small static map (like a small coliseum). The map can change, but it is always a simple small static map, it does not have any NPCs, towers or other dinamic elements. The player has to kill the other 3 enemies fighting with his teammates.

You have the solo-queue option, where the game finds teammates for you, or you can create your team with friends. Therefore, the social part is needed: friend lists, chats, etc. I have worked twice in projects with SQL databases, but I do not know how difficult it can be to do it with Unreal Engine.

The main difference with the market MOBA games are the characters. There are not 4-6 skill buttons simple characters, but more complex characters, with around 30 spells and passives. On the other hand, the number of different characters is low (8 in the first game version). Furthermore, the player view can be handled like in a MMO (third person view).

The idea for the monetization is to making it freemium. The game is free, but you can buy skins. This money could let us to develop more characters or game modes.

Even being a bounded game, I consider it is needed at least a small group of people to be able to develop it properly. My college and I can work a good number of hours per week, but we need more people to make the big part of the programming and the asset creation. It is a multiplayer game, and we would like to have enough quality in the assets.


  • Do you know some examples of kickstarters projects similar to this? (Developed with Unreal Engine?)
  • How many people (and roles) do you consider it is needed to work on this project to be able to release it in, for example, 1 year (a first version)?
  • How many of them must work with Unreal Engine? How much time?
  • Do you consider kickstarter is a good platform for games like this?
  • How much money do you consider it is needed for widgets and templates to help the development in unreal?

If I want to create a kickstarter I need to know how money it is needed to develop the game (pay people, software, servers, etc). This is why I come to this forum. I can make some simple games with UE but I would like to heard people with experience.

Thanks for your help.

What I would suggest is to do something smaller that’s within your capabilities, trying to do a project without much experience that will require some kind of funding like Kickstarter is really risky. If you can do a project from start to finish it will greatly help before you do something that you’re asking people to give you money for.

Thank you for your response. We are preparing a small demo with some characters and some spells o use versus a simple IA enemy. We are yet discussing about the idea of add multiplayer features or not for the kickstarter. May we find some colaborators for this demo in this forum?

Even then, I would like to hear to someone with experience what is the team that this proyect would need and time estimations. I have seen experienced people do something similar in less than a month (without any asset, only programming). However, fast games that people program, and a game to be realeased to the public must be in some way different, and I do not know how to estimate the real time needed. I am not like this people, with little experience I am slower, then I am not a good reference to estimate time (and finally money needed in the kickstarter), even thinking I (and my college) can achieve the same goals with time.

you can make the moba game todey is easy with all the tutorials on the tube you can make a 4k ultra hd moba in 1 yar alone from free off the mount asset + megascan for a map for may opinion but go multiplayer is hell you need an expert server and stuff like a real programmer guy you can starting with a multiplayer template set un4 I don’t think it’s difficult guys make in blueprints i shur all stuff you need is on a market
with moba the problems are different all the moba that are there today the market is ruthless the only way is to find out a unique gameplay with a very evolved character core customization and addition to one aspect 500x500 texure limit where the user can upload his avatars all in VR the only way to break into the world of moba and hit the new consol and VR but that’s my opinion

Cost go according to the nose the biggest are the purchase of the name game server and legal fees and endless burocazy
the game itself a block of marble just take the chisel the hammer and work hard bring out a David stone whit the tube tutorials

Importat!! templates you need more is a multiplayer template that works!!!

a moba is a basic top down game wit 4 9 action button UI Inventory and shop tower monster spown

Tower tower defens game tutorial 30m tutotrial
1 rage 1 mele AI minion basic vit a paht behevior 3h tutorial + Camplion AI mele raged 6h
top down rpg tutorial wit inventory exp skill UI tutorial 50h
Launcer UNKNOW time
graphics depend on textures buy a super badass camera and make textures microscope make divine textures
3D object yse wey VR Medium stamps handmade or another 3d sculpture program i have this wrk fix white blender + edit zbrush hoolywod in 1h you can back blender add a skeletal mesh and animate your creation UN4 there are no limits
buy a blank big big canvas colors oil brushes and paint a UI use a projector to project an image to onto the canvas merge various ideas and do your best photo 8k Cut edit you do a cool thing if the game is successful that painting be bit hard on auction PS the larger the canvas, the less you see the beginner’s hand
Sound you have 100.000 sound mix programs mees time expensive trip BUY!!! si cip!!