Establishing a Y-Axis boundary on a Camera Bounding Box

Since I never got any response back on my other topic:, I’ve decided to take another shot, but this time, instead focus on a single issue in setting up a camera for a sidescrolling platformer rather than multiple. The issue I’m focusing on, as stated in the topic title, is how to set up a Y-Axis boundary on a Camera Bounding Box.

For those who are unclear about what I’m talking about, a camera bounding box establishes limitations on where the camera is able to go as it follows the player character’s movement. This is opposed to the default camera, which simply follows the player character wherever they move. I managed to set up the bounding box on the camera in Blueprint via this series of tutorials:, although I still have figure out how to properly set up the parameters of the camera bounding box within my scene. Anyways, I now want to be able to modify the camera’s bounding box further by preventing the player character from being able to move along the Y-axis beyond the limits of the camera’s line of sight, as shown below in this crudely-made mock-up I made in Paint.
The reason I want to be able to set such a limitation, is mostly so I do not have keep using walls to block off-limit areas. I also think that placing limits on the Y-axis boundary would also be useful in situations to “lock”/“unlock” the screen for forced enemy encounters, mini-bosses, or full-fledged boss fights. I included screenshots of the Blueprints I’m using for the Camera Bounding Box below, in the hope that someone would offer some help in how to modifier the Blueprint into the manner that I want.

Camera Bounding Box Blueprints:

Level Blueprint: