Espire 1: VR Operative - seeking VR stealth loving UE4 devs & artists

Project Title:
Espire 1: VR Operative

A VR game that aims to deliver a refined stealth experience that makes the most of Virtual Reality.

  1. This game’s primary focus to explore the stealth genre completely in VR. There are so many ideas and scenarios that are perfect for the positionally-tracked VR experience that the HTC Vive offers.
  2. This game is first and foremost a dedicated single player experience. This is a VR game that will offer story and content to the player. 15 objective based missions that demand repeat playthroughs.
  3. Espire 1 offers players full freedom of movement with a number of configurable comfort features to minimize motion sickness. The goal is complete immersion without relying on a teleport locomotion system. The locomotion system is worked in as a key story element and aims to allow strafing/changing verticle height with maximum immersion/minimum simulator sickness. It is possible to achieve this.
  4. The game is currently being developed for SteamVR headsets (HTC Vive) and support planned for Oculus Touch. It is first and foremost a roomscale experience but it will accommodate standing /180degree VR users

Please check out the prototype demonstration here for an overview of the concept, mechanics and gameplay:

More information about the project can be found on the website:

The project scope of work could be summarised as a dedicated objective-based single player experience that is similar in style to the 15 main missions seen in Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64.
Tha game also includes hundreds of Virtual Training missions, inspired by the VR training missions of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Team Name:
Digital Lode (new company name may be established for the project)

Current Project Status
I am currently in the process of securing funds to begin production and am seeking the expression of interest from artists and developers who would wish to work on the project either full time or on a contract basis. There are a number of potential investors interested in bringing the IP to market targeting Steam, VR arcades and console. I am hoping to begin production within 4 weeks.

Talent Required:
I am seeking expressions of interest from VR, stealth & UER loving Developers and Artists.
I am based in Melbourne Australia and would prefer to work with local artists in the studio, but am open to working remotely with dedicated artists from around the globe.

If you are truly interested and want to add your expertise to the project, do get in touch.
I am specifically seeking people for the following roles:

Level Designers & Environment Designers

  • A lead level designer to assist in fleshing out the separate level design document
  • The scope of work covers 15 main missions & dozens of short scenario challenges

Blueprint scripters interested in the following roles:

  • Further developing and implementing VR game mechanics (Artificial locomotion, world interaction, Bomb defusal, etc)
  • Modifying the Objective System
  • Further developing enemy AI
  • Implimenting the scoring / online leaderboard system
  • Refactoring main game framework (save data, player profiles, menu & level unlock system)

3D Artist

  • Creating hero assets
  • Modifying marketplace and existing assets and preparing them for VR

Unreal Engine Generalist*

  • Further developing weapons, gadgets and key gameplay items

UI Designer

  • implementing and further developing UMG VR menu system based off game design document wireframes


Get in touch via E-mail: michael {at}
You can find more ways to contact me via the Espire 1 Contact form or the Digital Lode contact form

Hey Michael, I understand you’re in early stages of production, but are you open to working with a team on this?

Hi Ryan,

I am very open to working with the Ironbelly team. You would have noticed the Ironbelly assets in the video I made. I am really impressed with the high quality Ironbelly assets i’ve purchased on the marketplace!