eSmoker - Interactive Presentation

Hi Guys,

Just finished my (first) UE4 project and curious for your feedback!

A while ago I picked up my old passion (3D Design) and modeled my electric cigarette. one thing led to another, as I was stoked on learning UE4, and I thought it would be cool to present it in an interactive way. So I used my model and start my learning experience.

There’s an automated algorithm which shows & (dis)assembles the eSmoker as well as an interactive presentation in which you can play with the product yourself.

Images below are rendered from my 3D application:

Let me know what you think about it!

Cool stuff!

Welcome, nice to know you. This looks really good.

I really hate smoking… But I have to say it! Great job man! It looks amazing! :slight_smile:

HOLY SMOKES CutTheLabel, that’s an awesome presentation. Another amazing example of UE4’s versatility. Interactivity is the next frontier for entertainment and media. I’m developing both game and non-game related tool-sets with UE4. I can imagine all types of non-game related UE4-Powered Applications for Office/Business (Spreadsheets, IDE) , Diagnostics & Monitoring for Remote Equipment, Film Production, and more. Some would argue why? I argue why not?

Great Job!

I agree. Why not! It’s such an amazing tool!

Thanks for all your reactions! It has been (and still is) a wonderfull experience working with UE4.

@TechLord it seems you’re getting the big picture here, why should we limit the engine to games & architecture only?

For a detailed breakdown & download of the eSmoker project visit:

nice work!