Escaping from Set View Target With Blend

Hi. I set up a set view target with blend to change to a camera that i have attached to a chair so that when the chair (BP_chair) is clicked the camera shifts from the 3rd person char to the camera set up on the chair. After the camera shifts to the chair what I am trying to achieve is that when the mouse is clicked anywhere outside the chair the set view target with blend can then return from the chair to the 3rd person character? (I could use a trigger but was trying to do this with the player clicking objects/actors to get close ups of them).


Store a reference to the 3rd person character before blending to the chair, then use that reference to blend back to the 3rd person character.

Thanks. My bigger issue is how to trigger getting back from the chair to the 3rd person char. I would like the player to be able to click anywhere outside the chair as a way to change the blend view back to the 3rd person but wasn’t sure how best to deal with this. When the camera is close up on the chair there is still a wall actor, floor actor and other actors in the scene and i didn’t really want to go through the trouble of having to register click events on each of these actors so in the end thought i might just use a trigger box.