Escape the Asylum

a new game i am going to be working on tell me what i am doing wrong and Right:)11822946_418936551642368_1493877362153650985_o.jpg11238957_418936541642369_2826801939926376828_o.jpgComp 1_00000.jpg


feedback welcome

Looks good, first image kinda looks like the post processing needs a little touch up.

Will do thanks liondog

Update on the asylum!


I hope you all like it! Please give us any feedback!!

We are now upgrading/remaking the access tunnel from the Infiltrator Demo! I hope you like it, and we appreciate any feedback!!

fd58a3bf872b0b5778fd2e93975e7878fcd92aac.jpeg that is the one bro a movie cam of our game

Update on my asylum map!!


The character animation look so real so well done for that and the atmospheric look good to , hope we can see more particle effects like water drops .

i wish i was so good as you!:slight_smile:

Thank you!!


nearly finished


The characters of our game


We are making HUGE progress!!!

Notice I forgot to build the lighting! :stuck_out_tongue: XD

Short update video. Make sure the quality setting is on 1080p for the best result!

Beta trailer!!

248.jpg update guys