Escape from Mill Station project keeps rolling forward on Christmas day 2015 ...


No table at Starbucks no problem.

I would construct a mousepadholder to snap onto that woodpart.
Very easy and you upgrade your office with that.

I have done just that in my car actually. :slight_smile:
Designed a “tray” to put my laptop on.
Kinda like the old drive in theater days in a way.
This chair is in a Starbucks though not office :slight_smile:

I know, but i thought about some temporary installation.
A thin wooden board, or cool plexiglas with picture of anything from the bottom side.
I would prefer cats with hats!
You can even upgrade that with Lazers, or LED.
Measure the width of the chairthing and mount two flexible objects in that fitting distance, from the bottom side.
I think rigged breasts would be great for that task, but you can use some pvc pipe cuts for that.
Perhaps you create with that prototype of the “MoSBo*” some sort of a a hyped Starbucktrend and get famous!


Ha! Now I am thinking …