Escape from Mill Station game project update ...

Hi everyone,

A quick update for those of you following the Escape from Mill Station game project development.
project is here:

All the cinematics are now in game and in place and are working fine.
The very last ending cinematic has a slight freeze and hesitation before it starts to play probably because its a little big but I am not fixing that at this point.
I am scanning my computer for infections today just because of the nasty virus going around the globe at the moment just want to make sure I am not infected.
Then the next steps are to do better renders of the cinematics and reimport them into the project. I want to use the H.264 codec with the imported mp4’s that might solve the slight freezing up problem of the end cinematic.
Currently I am going from QuickTime movies with DnxHD Avid codec to mp4 for import into the editor.
Then I have a few blocking volumes I want to add here and there and the Dungeon level I want to improve a little.
Then its just the detailed modeling of the Explore level for the teaser trailer and then its compile time.
Hopefully no serious errors. :slight_smile:
After the teaser is published on You Tube its fundraising time.
I am looking at the end of this month to wrap everything up.
The project file is 10 GB big right on the nose. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support so far. :slight_smile:


Woods Coffee, Bellingham, WA.