Escape from Mill Station compiled successfully and runs just fine ...

I ran the packaging 3 times.
First time I had red lines all the same error in the output log that it couldn’t save package because file path was too long.
Fixed that by just putting everything in a folder on my desktop.
Second time it was a successful build with ZERO red lines.
It completed the build in around 4 minutes.
Much faster than I expected.
However in this version my first level that loaded was not my main menu so I went back and set all the
default levels / first loads to main menu level.
I also saw an “entry” level so not sure what that is maybe that is a multiplayer thing.
I set that to main menu level too.
Then compiled again for around 4 minutes and ZERO errors.
So 3rd build works just fine and looks great.
There are some minor issues with shaders and font / text on the cinematics that is a little weird but it still looks great and I think its just
because not all my settings are fine tuned yet.
No biggie.
So that is good news!
Zero errors for a 15 level game first time I think I can make a little noise about that :slight_smile:

Editor project file is 10 GB big.
The compiled project folder is only 1.20 GB big.
Pretty amazing actually.

So that concludes my project which started in August 2015 and more or less ended today 19 May 2017.
Just so relieved I didn’t get thousands of errors and I totally expected to get them.


Website for project is here: